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Escort Passport IQ Radar Detector Review

You will find numerous products currently available that can identify various kinds and techniques of traffic enforcement. Some identify radar signals, others identify lasers, and others track locations of red-colored light cameras and speed cameras, along with a couple of these identify a mixture these. Some sensors have GPS abilities, growing the scope from the detector like a multi-functional device. For more details read the following radar detector review.

The Escort Passport iQ is the best radar detector 2016. It includes a 5-inch color LCD touch-screen and it looks much like competing portable satnav systems. Nevertheless its thicker profile covers its integral radar/laser detector lent in the Escort Passport 9500ix, perhaps the very best car windows-mount GPS enabled radar detector.

The iQ's radar detector set of features is much like those of the Escort Passport Max, along with the BEL (Beltronics) Professional 500 and BEL STiR-Plus, all Gps navigation-enabled models. Like individuals, the Escort Passport iQ utilizes Escort's Defender database of camera locations.

This proprietary database is stored up-to-date religiously and demonstrated itself class-leading in precision, and problem of some importance since a GPS navigation-enabled detector will not warn of the camera if nobody bothered to go in the information. Within our 18-month experiment of it and competing databases, your opponent trounced the rival Cobra Aura database and laid waste to Trapster and other alike applications.

Radar Recognition Performance:
How Escort could integrate a radar detector in to the body of the GPS yet still be able to provide a high sensitivity and gratification in radar/laser recognition is really a story onto itself, because this was probably the most difficult engineering achievements I know the Escort engineers have ever faced.

I've examined the Passport IQ against our very own toolbox of radar and lidar guns inside a controlled atmosphere whilst logging hundreds of 1000's of miles in real life driving.

In a nut shell, I'd rate the performance and sensitivity from the Passport IQ on par using the Escort 9500ix and just below those of an Escort 9500ci.

In this radar detector review, We easily found that the Escort iQ is a precise, user-friendly navigation system. In navigation mode, radar alerts are displayed within the lower-left corner as X, K or Ka. (If set to Expert Mode, just like Spec Mode in Escort radar sensors, additionally, it shows the number radar frequency, an very helpful tool, only for involved motorists prepared to act upon that understanding.) The iQ shows as much as four synchronized radar signals, showing the relative signal strength of every. In comparison to some radar detector, the iQ's bigger screen enables it to show these details more adequately.

he idea of mixing GPS with radar recognition and disguising it as being a GPS navigator might not be new, but the truth that someone really made it happen is novel, indeed. On top of that, it really works. Minor points concerning the GPS aside, it is a good combination, and that i would trade up a Beltronics RX65 and TomTom for just one that will the work of both without hesitation.

Escort calls the Passport iQ the "Ultimate Driving Companion." As I believe that claim is a little presumptuous (my spouse claims that title but I am not going there), the iQ has enough bang for that buck that need considering, for me, a reasonably close second.

Like a unique product, the Escort Passport iQ provides the dual advantages of stealthy, high-performance radar-recognition capacity combined by having an excellent nav system.


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