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Is Escort Max 360 worthy

2 Reason Why Driver Love Radar Detector

Car Alarm and Radar Detector Review

What is the most dangerous threats for car. The answer is police and car thief. Why? Police will make you spend a lot of money whenever you have a mistake. Don’t trust me. Let’s drive for long trip and you can see what’s problem for you . When you drive in long trip without any warning device. You will trend to reach the limited speed and that is the chance for police. They will use a device as radar speed gun to count your speed and then you will spend a lot of money for police. About car thief. They are one of the most common threats for car today. They will steal your car whenever you have mistake. Only 10 second mistake you will lost your car forever. So what you should need is a warning system which can avoid radar speed gun and warn you whenever your car have trouble. Did you know there are two device which can do that. Those are Escort Max 360 radar detector and Viper car alarm. Those device will make you absolutely safe from any threats. Now let’s check Escort Max 360 review

The Reason Why Passport Max 2 Still The Hot Choice

Escort Passport Max 2 is the top radar detector selection in 2015. However, it is the end of 2015. In 2016, Will Escort Passport Max 2 still one of the top selection. The answer is absolutely yes. Escort Passport Max 2 is the collection of the best radar detector features. Although, Escort has released new radar detector of series Passport Max. However Escort Passport Max 2 still have special things which attract customer to buy. Read this article then you will know reasons why people still choose Escort Passport Max 2 as the hot selection in 2016 Reason 1: Digital Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing is one of the reason why driver still choose Escort Passport Max 2. Digital Signal Processing is the world class feature that can make you stress free about radar speed gun and police. Digital signal processing can do that because you can have maximum protection with this feature. DSP will completely improve your range. And if you afraid of being annoyed by a lot of bad warnings…