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How Valentine One Develop Their Product?

You will be surprised that Valentine One won’t have Valentine One V2 or V3. They only have one Valentine One V1 . In some Valentine One review article ,expert said that this radar detector has a different development than other other radar detector . They only develop newest features for Valentine One V1. That means they only update Valentine One, they won’t create new product . So there some opinion about that development . Some expert said this is good development . Because you don’t need to worry about what changed in the new product . Valentine One will sell newest product for you with newest development . With that development , Valentine One V1 won’t change the price so much . So the price $400 is kept for new update . Other said that development is disaster . Why . Because Valentine One doesn’t give many option for driver. Some driver will like a cheap radar detector with enough features than Valentine One with full features ( Escort do it better than Valentine One. Escort sol…

Find Best Radar Detectors Under $200

Radar detector is a device you need to have in your car. Radar detector is like a dog. It will bark whenever you nearly have a trouble with police . Some radar detector is too expensive to buy like Escort Passport Max 2 and Valentine One. Some radar detector like that can cost up to $500 . If you want to find other options which is cheap and have great features then you can read this article . This article will show you best radar detector under $200. Cobra Irad 900
This radar detector is really a super star under $200 . Cobra Irad 900 is really a good option for those who like cheap but effective one. Cobra Irad 900 need a smart phone to operate . Why does it need smart phone. Because this radar detector have GPS and community sharing Cobra Irad . Those features need smart phone to show great information for you. There is few radar detector under $200 have GPS and Cobra Irad 900 is one of them. If you read in some famous radar detector website, Cobra Irad is one of the best candida…

Valentine One V1 Best Features

Valentine One is a top radar detector now . Everyone admit it. What factor does a good radar detector . That should be range , sensitivity , good laser detection and so on. That is how we image about the best radar detector . But don’t you know that Valentine One V1 is like what I describe . Valentine one v1 show how good radar detector can be. Let's check this radar detector review to know which are best features of this radar detector 
Best Range Detection All you need to know about this radar detector is that it is a good radar detector . But how good it is. Let’s see some factor which made this radar detector as the best option. First is the range . It’s true when I said this radar detector is one of the longest radar detector in the world . Long range make a radar detector become perfect . So you know how good it is . But what benefit you will receive when radar detector has a good range . Long range detection will make driver comfortable when driving . When use a short rang…

Passport Max 2 The Best High End Radar Detector

When anybody says Escort , people will think about Passport series immediately . Passport series is the top radar detector of Escort brand. In 2015 , Escort Passport Max 2 is made as a newest product of Escort brand. This radar detector include all of the best technology of previous product . It is true to say that Escort Passport Max 2 is the best radar detector. You don’t believe me. Let’s check this article and you will know why this is the best option. Escort Passport Max 2 Detection Performance
Escort Passport Max 2 has it’s own way to prove them as the best one. Escort Passport Max 2 choose the detection performance as the advantage of this product. Escort Passport Max 2 comes to user with a great display. It is OLED display and as you can see all information with a great view Escort Passport Max 2 can detect X bands , K bands, Ka bands and especially laser . Escort Passport Max can’t detect VG-2 and Spectre so that you should be very careful when travelling to Virginia or Wash…